First Time Home Buyer 50% off Escrow Fee
Military 25% off Escrow Fee (Valid Military ID required)
Teachers 25% off Escrow Fee (Valid Teacher ID required)
Senior Citizen (Buyer or Seller) 25% off Escrow Fee - Age 55+ (Must be primary residence)
Non-Profit Organization 50% off Title Fee
Residential Refinance/
REVAMP Bundled Escrow Fee
50% off Title Fee (Min. $350)
$325 Escrow Fee
(excludes doc prep, signing services fee, legal fees, and recording fees)
Concurrent Escrow 20% off Escrow, with second transaction (buy or sell) brought to FCT within a 6 month period
Binder Rate This policy is beneficial to a buyer who will be selling the property within two years. Please ask your escrow officer about the costs and benefits of this policy.